Opening the gateways of communication between our clients and team members, the Sales department is the first stop for anyone looking to create a relationship with Buck Services. Commendable in their efforts to define what it Is Buck Services is all about, our Sales team incorporates no-obligation, custom estimates of any facility, with honest, friendly and reliable efforts, bringing you possibilities for a partnership worth investing in.

JOE BUCHHOLZ, VP of SALES, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Joe BuchholzWorking alongside his brother since the conception of Buck Services, Joe’s friendly and all encompassing attitude truly exude the spirit of Buck Services. With over 22 years experience, Joe is an avid and involved member of several community institutions, constantly dedicating both his own personal efforts and those of Buck Services to better understand the needs of our surrounding neighbors. Introducing Buck Services to the belief that with relationships come results and loyalty comes prosperity, Joe’s smiling persona continues to make us all happy to be in his wake.



Stas DaszkiewiczBrought into Buck Services nearly a decade ago, Stas’s one-of-a-kind approach was just what Buck needed. Incorporating honesty, energy, and straightforwardness into each and every one of his client relationships, Stas’s will make sure you’re always taken care of and treated with the respect you deserve. Personally meeting with each and every potential client, and creating custom service plans based on in-depth conversations and on-site observations, Stas can be your best tool in ensuring your facility receives what it needs and what you want.

"I'd like to take this opportunity to commend you on the fine services you've provided to our church and school facility this past year. I was especially impressed by the quality work done in our social hall this past month. It seems that whatever cleaning task your employees undertake, it is done in a meticulous and thorough fashion. We thank you for your fine services and look forward to a continuing working relationship."

- Wayne, IL